4.2 Workfile Review

Warning: Alcohol is a Dangerous Chemical
Work File Review Section One: Look at each of the statements below. Based on what you have heard and what you believe, which ones are facts and which ones are myths? Place an “x” next to the answer that represents your choice. *ATOD Orange County Schools Check your answers by selecting the “Alcohol Pretest Key” on the
Activity page.

Drinking is part of being an adult. Eventually, everybody drinks alcohol. Fact ____ Fiction __Y__
Drinking makes you more appealing to others. Fact ____ Fiction Y
A mixed drink contains more alcohol than beer.

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4.2 Workfile Review
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As soon as alcohol reaches your stomach, it affects your abilities. Fact ___Y_ Fiction ____ 12. Alcohol has no effect on family violence. Fact ____ Fiction Y
Alcohol is a poison. Fact YFiction____
Women who drink during pregnancy may have retarded or deformed children. Fact Y Fiction ____

Children of alcoholic parents are more likely to become alcoholics. Fact ___Y_ Fiction ____ Note taking is important for this lesson. Read the questions on the left side of the page very carefully and then record meaningful facts and ideas in the main larger, right-hand column.
Be sure to read each stated web site very carefully. Your test will come directly from the notes. This method for taking notes is called “Cornell Note Taking. ”
Questions/Main Ideas:Notes_____________________________________________ Select: Blood Alcohol Educator 1. List three facts that you have learned from this site. Men has better drinking skill than women
Compare the various effects that alcohol has on the mind and body at two different blood alcohol concentrations.
Evaluate the decision by all fifty states to enact a BAC limit of . 8 as the legal limit for drunk driving on drivers over the age of 21. Why was this law so important for everyone’s health and safety? Select: Myths about alcohol[->0] List at least three organs that can be affected by alcohol use. If you were involved with alcohol as a teen, predict what four people (other than your parents) would be most affected by your use of alcohol. Select: What is a drink? [->1] What is the definition of a standard drink for beer, wine and distilled spirits?  How does the amount of alcohol in a malt liquor compare to other brewed beverages? . Why can’t you group all 12 ounce beers as having the same alcohol content just as you would with one 12 ounce wine cooler? Select: Drinking and Driving[->2] Analyze the promising but inadequately evaluated measures that can be used to reduce drinking and driving. Please predict the 3 that you think would be the most beneficial. Identify 2 ways that you can help in the task of reducing drinking and driving. Explain BAC and explain its importance in determining DUI or DWI. Heart, liver, stomach GF, friend, teacher, sister Select: Effects on the Body[->3] . List five (5) effects alcohol has on the body’s central nervous system. Contrast a healthy liver with that of a liver affected by alcohol consumption. Include a minimum of 4 facts in your note-taking column. Imagine you are a physician. A 40- year-old patient comes to you complaining about her health. During your consultation, you find out she has consumed a 12-pack of beer every night for the past 17 years. Speculate the condition of her body, making sure to include the effects of alcohol on her brain, intestines, liver and bones.

Select: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome[->4]
What problems may a baby have if the mother drinks while she is pregnant?
What is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)? 3. A pregnant woman is at a family birthday party. Her brother brings her a drink called a white Russian (it has three different shots of liquor and milk in it). Her brother says it will be good for you –“it has milk in it”-what should she do?
You are at your friend’s house for dinner and your friend’s mother who is pregnant is drinking wine with dinner.

You have been taking the life management class online and learned about fetal alcohol syndrome; your friend is concerned about her mother drinking while being pregnant.
What could you do to help? [->0] – http://web. archive. org/web/20070414002507/http:/madd. org/stats/0,1056,1156,00. html [->1] – http://pubs. niaaa. nih. gov/publications/Practitioner/pocketguide/pocket_guide2. htm [->2] – http://www2. potsdam. edu/hansondj/DrinkingAndDriving. html [->3] – http://www. collegedrinkingprevention. gov/CollegeStudents/interactiveBody. aspx [->4] – http://www. nofas. org/

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