A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange The movie “A Clockwork Orange´ happens to be a crime film adapted, which was produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film employs disturbing as well as violent images for commenting on psychiatry juvenile crime, youth crimes as well as other political, economic and social subjects within an imaginary frightening near future Britain. The main Character, Alex, happens to be a charismatic, sociopathic criminal interested in classical music, rape as well as ultra-violence. This film archives the terrible crime extravaganza of Alexi’s gang, his capture as well as attempted rehabilitation through controversial emotional conditioning. The soundtrack to the movie mostly features classical music selections, as well as Moog Synthesizer compositions.

He the leader of a small gang. The gang engages in an ultraviolence evening fighting and beating up other people even the elderly as well as another gang then stole a car they went to a writer’s home and bit and crippled him. There is a disagreement among members an Alex reasserts the group leadership then attacks another home where he gets captured by police.

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In prison, rehabilitation procedure is tough and ends up curing Alex from his brutality to inability to fight back or even feel anything before a naked woman. The prison governor justifies the technique by explaining that that their work is to reduce crime as well as reducing congestion in prison.

After release Alex becomes homeless and faces many problems. He later finds himself in hospital injured. After tests he finds he is no longer an able man. The minister comes by and apologizes to him to save his political carrier. With his love for music, Alex is convinced to accept apologies.


A Clockwork Orange. Dir. Kubrick Stanley. Perf. McDowell Malcolm. 1971.

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