A Dance Choreographer

 A Dance Choreographer. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. As far as dance choreographers, nowadays there are a lot of styles of dances the choreography of which one can choose to be engaged in. These are ballroom dance, ballet dance, hip hop dance, contemporary dance, step dance, folk dance, belly dance, etc. The field is wide for those who see their future as the ones creating works of art with dance movements.

To start a career path as a choreographer it is essential to spend years yourself as a dancer. Most dancers begin their formal training at the age of five years old, being a bit older or younger is fine too. By the time one is about 17 years old he/she needs to start auditioning for different dance companies. No matter what style of dance you will choose to perform or choreograph in the future, you must learn the classical form of dance as young as possible. “Ballet dancing lays emphasis on foot muscle movements which need to be learned right from the formative years in ones life.” (Ballet Basics, para.1) As one choreographer said about the importance of ballet basics: “To put it simply, a classical dancer can choreograph a western and Bollywood number, but vice versa is not possible. Classical dance equips you with everything. you can fit yourself in all genres of dance and music”. (Shet Sh. 2008, para.24)

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By the time one is in his teenage years he should start concentrating on specific style of dance and begin intensive training in that style. Students who demonstrate talent in the dancing field can receive more advanced and professional training earlier. When one has chosen the style of dance he would like to get engaged in there are a variety of possibilities of how one can do so. One can attend dance college programs or dance company’s school.

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