A project or initiative outcome can influence a group of people or an organization

Part 1.

A project or initiative outcome can influence a group of people or an organization.

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A project or initiative outcome can influence a group of people or an organization
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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • Why is the role of change management important in an organization? Provide an example where change management was used to improve an organization.

Part 2.

Be constructive and professional. Reply to the following thread in a minimum of 100 words:

“Change management has many benefits within organizations. Change management can improve the team’s leadership skills as well as increase productivity levels. When a system or process is in place for extended amounts of time, it can harm the organization. A good example of this that many people can relate to is the common trend of groupthink. Group Think is when the majority of people within an organization think in similar ways and have similar ideas. In situations such as this, change management is crucial as it offers vehicles for change and new ideas. There are many other examples of why change management is imperative in an organization such as; the restructuring of organizational culture, hierarchal restructure, and mergers or acquisitions. In all of these examples, there is ample opportunity for change to be implemented but it must be done properly with the necessary support to all employees. In conclusion, the majority of employees are change adverse but it is necessary when propelling the organization forward. “ – Stephen H.

Part 3.

Be constructive and professional. Respond to the discussion post in a minimum of 100 words:

“Change Management is an alteration of daily business operational functions within an organization as there is an adaption to business needs/functions. As organizations grow and improve, we often seek to amend improve the standard of day to day needs. The market needs change, organizations desire to change and improve. So, the process of Change Management is essential today to the functionality of the process.

A great example of Change Management would be current events within the Healthcare Industry regarding COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevents (CDC), created an entire page and blog focused on the change and evolution studies surround the symptoms, and daily (moment by moment updates). The page even provides: Frequently asked questions, Case Counts by County, How to protect yourself and Others, Coronavirus Responses, CDC Actions, etc.

Within every organization, there is a fundamental need for change & growth. When we see an organization the refuses to not change or very poorly managed through change, we see this lead to a company going bankrupt, lawsuit, employee relations issues, and other factors.

Change management can be a very positive and productive process if this can be managed properly.” – Gab E.  

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