A Secure Israel Security: A Condition for Peace

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: A Secure Israel Security: A Condition for Peace. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This is a remarkable issue because from the past until present this has become one integral part of America’s multiple concerns.

Now, allow me to share with you Obama and Romney’s attitude about Israel’s security as I will share with you their opinions on this concern.

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A Secure Israel Security: A Condition for Peace
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Israel’s security

Having a strong Israel has robust interconnection with living a free world and elemental asset to America, for as long as the former continuously tries to show or promote world peace and get rid of possible conflict between nations. So this is the fact, Israel is America’s strong ally in the Middle East, but Israelis are not only in conflict with Palestinians, the entire Arab world continues to view Israel as a foreign irritant (Hertz).

For this reason, the US must also face the adversaries of Israel.

The territorial size, topography, adversaries’ strategic platforms are just some of the important factors to consider to ensure Israel would not become vulnerable to its opponents, so the US recognizes the importance of supporting Israel’s borders for more territorial security (Hertz).

So here are what Obama and Romney got to say about this issue.

Obama’s opinion

Obama is clear about his stand to support Israel as an ally and a true friend in the midst of the Arab world, and as a significant part of America’s counterterrorism effort, things according to Obama that would showcase how to support military efforts that could not stand alone (Hunter, The Washington Post). So he believes there is a need to support military efforts in order to make it possible to perform its function well.

If probable conflict would arise between Iran and Israel and the former will attack the latter, Obama said he would stand with Israel due to substantial considerations (Hunter, The Washington Post).

Obama clearly emphasizes Iran has been crippling Israel’s economy (Hunter, The Washington Post).

Iran with its nuclear armaments according to Obama has become threa

t to both US and Israel’s national security (Hunter, The Washington Post).

It seems clear, Obama is determined to support Israel and be part of its struggles. Now, what must Romney get to say about this issue?

Romney’s opinion

Romney on the other hand is compelled to believe that America should stand behind Israel to give not just diplomatic and cultural, but above all military support.

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