A Society that Slipped Like the Wind

 A Society that Slipped Like the Wind. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Almost over two centuries these people were being tortured, brutalized, tormented and murdered by the intruders but finally, they started to realize that they also have an individual entity and they are not like the beasts as they are treated by the ‘white rulers.’ These people started claiming their rights and equality in society just the same as white people. However, just the moment these downtrodden people started to express their feeling, it immediately created a great deal of impact over the sense of superiority of the white people the rate of oppression as well as inflicting torture also increased. It is during the time of the 1820s that the so-called slaves were rising against the arbitrary ruling system of the white people. Clearly, America during this time was divided between two clear sections the North and the South. People residing in the North, were mainly people belonging to the ruling class and people of the South were mainly dominated by the white men.

Perhaps, the first clear indication of such rebellion occurred during the year 1920. In this year Missouri Compromise, though the state is basically a slave state at the same time it restricted the spread of the system of slavery anywhere else in the territory of Louisiana. Citing from the novel of Mitchell, ‘Gone with the Wind’, we find the word ‘nigger’ used to refer to the afro Americans. (Mitchell) the concept of white skin to be the ideal beauty has been introduced through the appearance of Scarlet. When the author mentions ‘The black bombazine, …… set off white skin superbly’ (Mitchell), she indicates a kind of contrast where it seems that the white people were powerful at the expense of the blacks. This also indicates a consciousness that aroused as the war was about to begin. Till this time period, the white people did not take the whole situation in a very serious way but the white section of the society was also realizing&nbsp.that a tempest in on its way of approach.&nbsp.

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 A Society that Slipped Like the Wind
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