A student stress.

 A student stress. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The paper also presents various strategies that promote the mental health and well-being, commonly used by students.

The students undergo various activities, including unfavorable and hardship conditions that keep challenging their objectives of achieving their future goals. The experienced challenges keep exerting pressures on the person, thereby shaping personal cognitive attributes and behaviors. This is because stress in a person contributes cognitive elements that help the students to develop his or her experiences in mental awareness that alerts of the future consequences. In addition, the creation of mental awareness of any challenge is a critical strategy of helping the students to avoid stress.

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A student stress.
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Among the major issues affecting the students include exams, poverty on the ones from disadvantaged families, race, and tribal discrimination. However, in reflecting on the cases of exam phobia that affects most of the students, this paper illustrates their impacts on the behavioral or their learning activities. The learning system frameworks of several learning institutions use exams to evaluate students on the progress of understanding the course learnt. Therefore, the notions of the examining students put a lot of pressure on them, making them to work hard beyond their capabilities in order to pass the exams.

On reflecting to a specific situation, the student worked extra hard to study for the forthcoming exams that were crucial in passing to the next level of learning system. Unfortunately, the student failed three of his course papers that made him to repeat the same level, as required by the institutional policies. This created shock, anger, stress, depression, and an aspect of disbelief, among other negative impacts that engulfed the student. The emotional disbeliefs and conditional threatening by the failure situations caused some of the impacts that results.

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