A teachers role in the lives of students

Aside from the parents, teachers play a major role in the shaping of the behavior, learning process and the total personality of a child. The impact of the teacher on the lives of students is immeasurable. Foremost among the roles of a teacher is that of being a model, provider of experiences and interactor.

Since teachers are looked upon by students as role models, they must exemplify the highest standards of positive attitudes and behaviors. Aside from being well-educated, teachers must possess characteristics that are worthy of emulation by the students. These qualities include being honest, patient, humble, understanding, affectionate and exhibiting an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. The teacher as a role model must have some “sterling qualities of head and heart, which the child gets impressed by”[Mannd]

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 A teachers role in the lives of students
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A teacher is also a provider of experiences. Teachers spend a lot of time with their students, as such, they must be able to provide an environment which is free of fear but rather, one which is a “warm and protective environment but at the same time professional”[Csund]. A teacher’s role goes beyond textbooks and the course syllabus. They help the child experience the challenges that go with education. The learning experiences that teachers impart are not confined to the ABCs or the 123s. they also teach how life is beyond the four walls of the classroom. Through the teacher, a child learns how to become a student, a classmate, a friend, a leader, a follower and a responsible citizen of the country. These experiences are provided through lectures, role playing activities and extra-curricular activities. Students are able to experience independence depending on the activities introduced by the teacher. Teachers guide students in facing the different challenges that life offers.

The teacher as an interactor stimulates students towards classroom interactions. The interaction should not only be between student and teacher but also between the student and the other students. As interactors, teachers must act as facilitators so that students interact well with each other[Mwa11]. Moreover, the students must be motivated to become creative and be critical thinkers.

On the issue of time spent by children in front of the computer, there are several statements which a teacher may use to help a child expand, specify, problem solve and clarify. One such statement is to ask them, “Why do you think parents must control the time spent of children on social networking sites?” Another statement may be to tell students that, “the internet encourages anti-social behaviors among children.” The teacher can also ask the students suggestions on how parents can control their children’s use of computers. The teacher may ask her pupils their reactions about the issues on cyber bullying. Thought-provoking questions are essential instruments which a teacher may use to rouse a child’s cognitive capacities.

Lastly, one would like to quote Promilla when she described what a teacher should be (2008). “A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image. The role of the best teacher is to give wings to the imaginations, and sow the seeds of knowledge with patience in student’s fertile mind. The trick is to do it with love and affection and with the sense of real teaching and not just as a duty because he is getting paid for that”[Pro08].


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