A Theme in Morphological Changes Throughout Human Evolution

I will pay for the following article A Theme in Morphological Changes Throughout Human Evolution. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Scientifically, the modern man is believed to have gradually evolved from the ancient ape-like creatures and shares certain features with these animals. Taxonomists classify man in the same family with apes like chimpanzees, gorilla, and orangutans. There is fossil evidence that has provided the research scientists with enough proofs of the process of evolution in various organisms (MacKenzie, Arwine & Shewan, 293).

The early man depended on wild fruits and vegetations for food. They had large jaws and teeth for this function. The need for man to continue surviving among the wild predators contributed to the increase in the intellectual capacity. The increased intelligence in man led to the invention of fire. A man could now cook food, a process that softens the food material. This contributed to the decrease in the size of the human jaws and teeth compared to the olden teeth. This paper focuses much on the structural developments that have been witnessed in the human teeth in the process of human evolution.

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A Theme in Morphological Changes Throughout Human Evolution
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An exanimation of the fossil records for the hominids can reveal much information on the early forms of the present creatures. The study of human remains did not feature until the nineteenth century when archaeologists realized that the culture and the morphology of early man could be revealed by the remains and the tools that were found buried with these remains (Greene, 11). A comparison between the morphology of the different fossils can be made to provide an insight into the relationships that occur between populations of organisms at different stages in the evolution process. Much information regarding the human culture could be obtained through the study of such remains.

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