Abnormal osychology. 

Abnormal psychology Q According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, often addiction is drastic in nature. Therefore, people are not able to stop using drugs or alcohol. Thus living with somebody who is a drug or alcoholic abuse is imperative that they get help very immediately. Once one of the family members has left treatment, they will have to face challenges. The addiction of alcohol will not only affect the drunkard but will also influence the entire family at large. The effects of addiction may have an impact on the family for a very long period. The addiction could lead to financial difficulties and health problems that might need to be in the future (Joseph, 1970, p.20).

Family members should participate in the patient process of recovering and in individual treatment as. The entire family will be forced to be in the best ways to assist the individual recovering immediately the program of improving has been completed. Many of the programs of recovery do provide education to the family members on how the process of addiction works and how to handle the issue of stress. Thus, it is very crucial for the family to take part in ensuring the process of treatment and recovery of an alcoholic become a success (Joseph, 1970, p.20).

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Abnormal osychology. 
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Q 2). An individual can recover from a sexual addiction disorder if he or she learns to have self-control and avoids watching pornographic materials. The person should also keep his mind occupied with conscious thoughts (Joseph, 1970, p.21).

Q 3). In thinking further about preschoolers who are diagnosed with depression, studies have evidence that almost 80% of those suffering from heir first episode of depression will apparently suffer more than once during their lifetime (Joseph, 1970, p.21).

Work cited

Kellermann, Joseph L. A Guide for the Family of the Alcoholic. Center City, MN: Hazelden, 1970. Print.

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