According to the United States Legal

Write a 7 pages paper on abortion. According to the United States, abortion is an act defined as the ending of pregnancy by different methods which include surgical procedures, prior to the fetus of the female in question is able to sustain independent life. The legal definition of it not only seems clear on the ground of termination of life before it can sustain itself as an independent being but also points out that for it to be carried out there are other ways besides medical procedures. The state allows termination of pregnancy in the first trimester but has more legal complications and restrictions on the second and third trimester. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the state has the power to rule out abortion apart from the exception when the life of the mother is in danger (US The paper discusses the moral and legal perspective of abortions and highlights whether or not it should be a matter of state interference or only the individual should have the right to take the decision. The state intruding in the matters of abortion also reflects on another question that whether or not the state is taking a step too deep in the matter of an individual’s personal life.

Abortion and the grounds on which females get their babies aborted have various reasons. It is an issue that is linked with various other topics including morality and politics not to mention religion, and so looking at it from a single point of view would not be sufficient enough to provide an answer. Understanding the debate from the start is necessary to gain enough background knowledge and know which side to support. The society we live in today is advancing at a rate that not every issue that was so easily swept under the rug can be done so now. Abortion, like many others, has a conservative and a liberal side as well.

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According to the United States Legal
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Conservative individuals who tend to be on the pro-life side tend to argue that a fertilized ovum is already a developed person with senses that every living individual has and demolishing its life is wrong in the moral as well as legal sense.

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