Advantages and Disadvantages of Women’s Magazines.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Women’s Magazines. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This essay intends to ascertain an appropriate inference or result regarding an argument on the subject that whether women’s magazine is sending empowering or disempowering messages to the readers.

The major objective of the essay is to justify the impact of the messages conveyed by the women’s magazines posed on the readers. The essay would attempt to analyze the messages in order to ensure that whether those actually empower the women readers. Furthermore, the essay would also provide an understanding of the way women’s magazines are directing the behavior of the readers in recent days.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Women’s Magazines.
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Women’s magazines provide fluidity which as a result generates contradictory behavior among the readers pertaining to supporting feminist thoughts and the significance of physical beauty. Women-centric magazines not only offer genuine advice but also provide to the readers’ empowerment. The contents of women’s magazines at times have been found to prove helpful in terms of developing their own identity. It has been also observed in this regard that by reading such magazines, the readers make attempts to become more glamorous in order to seduce men. Nowadays, both men, as well as women, desire to be attractive. These women’s magazines prove to be greatly helpful in terms of providing different methods that assure rapid physical transformations with lower effort. Magazines such as “Instant Tone-Up Tricks” provide strategies to make men fall for the beauty of women. These magazines generate an understanding of the minds of women that men are simply a means of gaining self-pleasure.

Women usually desire to get respect and admiration from men. The traditional concepts to gain appreciation from men are presently considered to be obsolete. The women’s magazines smartened-up the traditional concepts of looking more gorgeous and odorous in order to attract men. In the present day scenario, the&nbsp.women’s magazines seem to provide increased emphasis towards becoming more liberal and maintaining a strong and independent theme.

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