African american

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on african american. In response to that issue, a number of things were done such as the enactment of laws that prohibited the exclusion of African Americans from a number of important things. The constitution was amended to prohibit the state and national government from denying the United States citizens their right of voting on the account of color, race or earlier situations of servitude (Cross 6).

This period is referred to as the progressive reforms. The spirit of reform got strength in the late 1800s and progressed in the early 1900s. The reformers also called progressives had confidence in their capability to enhance the quality of life and the government. In unit 2, the African Americans faced discrimination both in the South and North. Although they were officially free, the African Americans were out rightly deprived of their basic rights and they were restricted to citizenship of the order second class. The period also witnessed the rebirth of Ku Klux Klan in Georgia in 1915. Ku Klux Klan terrorized the African Americans during the Reconstruction. The new Klan wanted to reinstate the white Protestant America (Adams 630).

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African american
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In response to discrimination, the African Americans started fighting for equal opportunities. They were joined by other minorities who assisted the African Americans to battle for their own opportunities and justice. The African Americans had the quest to achieve equality and thus rose to the challenge of accomplishing it (Adams 631). The outcome of the fight was the development of a number of associations and organizations and success in a number of professional fields (Adams 632).

In unit 3, the African Americans lived free of oppression and the period is referred to as the Great Migration. The social challenge at that time was the racial discrimination. Majority of the African Americans lived in the South and a bigger percentage of them worked in agriculture.

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