Air company and the position of accountable manager.

The Accountable Manager is after all responsible for their own work s well as the work of their subordinates. Because of such greater responsibility, the account managers are not given any other task which they are capable of carrying out. The reason is that the focus is not diverted to any other work which is less important than the primary job of such a manager.

In case of companies which carry out air operations, the account manager is responsible to the regulatory body, either within or outside the company, for all the operations which are undertaken by the service provider of air navigation, airplane operator, airport operator or by any organization responsible for the repair and maintenance of aircraft. This certainly builds up greater responsibility for such managers. Other responsibilities of such managers include flight training, flight operations, quality assurance of flight services and ground operations.

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 Air company and the position of accountable manager.
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Due to the significance of the responsibilities and duties of an accountable manager, it is very important that this position should be vested upon any person who holds a significant position in the organization. Generally, The President, Vice President, Chief Executive, Managing Director or any other person carrying a similar position suit to such post. However, it is considered necessary that the person holding the post of the accountable manager must have sufficient financial and executive authority that he may comply with the requirements of the organization in respect of seeking approval.

The duties of the accountable manager encompass all the duties vested in him either by the relative legislation or by the Regulatory body. It also includes the duties which are supposed to be done by him under the scope of his job.

The compliance of the organizational procedures with the relevant laws and regulations governing the industry is the prime responsibility of the Accountable Manager. Some companies are strongly governed by internal regulations.

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