Alternate forms of assessment for special population

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on alternate forms of assessment for special population Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Community provides what such students expect in real world. For instances a minor should be ready to be put in a normal school setting, the playground and home. on the other hand, an adult should be put in a grown-up setting like a bank, a store or an office. Gauging such a student’s skill in every perspective from educational to physical outdoor skills. Any skill that requires integration. For instance, assessing personal and social skills individually from independence and liability would create room for redundant effort, and potentially resulting in reinforced focus on isolated skills. The embracing of continuous keeping of records for such students at all stages. Such a method would result in more accurate and reliable progressive or retrogressive efforts on the part of the student. Those students with severe hurdles have a higher variability in their skills from those without disabilities or minute disabilities on a daily basis. As such, seasonal skills could only be visible with time. The institutions dealing with such students should include, as a mandatory measure, supports and adaptations, and train the students to use them. The school system should avail devices, trained personnel and any other necessary support to enable the learners to function as independently as possible. Such a recommendation has been proved worthy in practice in Kentucky in that it drives effective school and classroom practice (Kleinert, Kennedy, & Kearns, 1999). On a personal note, of the above suggestion, I would be of a higher degree of agreement with number (ii). In a situation whereby an individual is disadvantaged, there always is the possibility of his/her worth in other life sphere. Just like it is said that disability is not inability, it has been proven over time that individuals with physical or mental challenges could still have a great unexploited talent. For instance, in Olympics there is the Paralympics category. There also are the Special Olympics for physically and mentally challenged athletes. The Most Beneficial Recommendations Recommendation number (IV) would be much realistic and would bear much expected positive results without having to continuously strain for such results. It would be highly ignorant when there is a standard meant to be attained in terms of result over a given period. Only those individuals who possess a high degree of irresponsibility and inhumane nature would set a goal for a disabled individual and not provide an environment that would make such a goal either realistic or easily achievable for such an individual. Assessing Students with Cognitive Disabilities In as far as dealing with a challenged student is concerned, there should exist laid down and visible lucrative incentives in the society for them and this could be achieved only when they compete with the other not challenged individuals. It should not just be in sports but also intellectually. Disabled individuals who achieve such targets, for example, a very lucrative and well paying job in the society, act as role models and inspirations to the others.

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Alternate forms of assessment for special population
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