Alternative cinema

 The film Stranger Than Paradise can be subdivided into three parts namely. present or ‘new world’, ‘a year later’ and ‘paradise.’ The film is a depiction of America through a foreign perspective see image 1. Willie the main character in the film speaks in English while responding to Aunt Lotte, who speaks in Hungarian (Andrew, 1999). He persuades Lotte to speak in English an indication that foreigners are not yet ready to give up their identity. Each part of the film can be said to reflect the stages that a foreigner undergoes in America. The film is shot in black and white backgrounds making the film unique since it seems to break away from the normal rule in filming see image 2. Each scene of the film is one take and after every take the screen cuts to black for a moment prior to the commencement of another take. The ‘takes are static shots, and other follows the characters. Each ‘take’ exhibits repeated emotionless sensation.

The film can clearly bring out the emotions of the character. The film devises a new way whereby real lives and emotions of the characters are observed without confusing the audience. The ambient sounds in the scenes that persist even after the cuts to black and the beginning of ‘takes with silence do not deter the in bringing out the emotions of the characters.

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Alternative cinema
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In the film Stranger Than Paradise, the effect of simplification is applied in the formal way the story is narrated as opposed to applying the idea to physical objects (Blume & Forster, 2006). The scenes are presented in a simple manner but chronological presentation and frequently independent from each other. The presentation involves the selected moments eliminating the bigger part of the theatrical action.

The acting part of the film is very critical. In this order, every shot becomes a masterpiece. Selection or elimination through cutting cannot improve the performance.

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