American dream more an illusion than reality.

The world has evolved a lot over the years and the only thing constant these days is a change, the circumstances aren’t the same as they used to be in the earlier days and the previous centuries. Nowadays we live in a more civilized society and modern life is so fast-paced that it leaves anyone in its wake that is unable to keep up with it. There are a lot of divisions in society not everyone is on the same page and these differences have led to many problems including favoritism and unethical practices in the workplace, some sections of society consider blacks to be inferior while some women feel that they live in a male-dominated environment.

In this country you have the right to be free, choose for yourself and make life decisions. The concept of free will is there for everyone so that society can prosper and people can live in harmony with each other. Moore states that everyone can achieve their goals and ambitions they can be successful and contribute to the community. Recognition for hard work is there and people earn their places on merit regardless of their race, color or ethnicity. According to Smith (1), the aim is to allow people to live life to the fullest, they have liberty and the opportunity to reach their potential and show everyone what they are capable of. A hardworking man should be able to earn an honest living and feed his family, respect is due for everyone regardless of their social standing, and no one is superior to anyone. Equality is promoted within the people so that you can pursue your dreams and be happy every day of your life knowing that you are treated fairly and given your rights. No one should be deprived of these things. So there are lots of views but then again you cannot expect perfection because it is just not possible.

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American dream more an illusion than reality.
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