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You will prepare and submit a term paper on American Immigration Law Foundation: Jacques Torres. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Jacques Torres is known for both celebrity status and signature items. He also became a famous personality in newspaper, trade press along with magazines. He regularly conducted television shows on NBC’s Today Show as well as Later Today. Various shows were arranged on television with the top culinary professional of the world (American Immigration Law Foundation, “Jacques Torres”). Jacques Torres with his incredible chocolate items became a television focus. He had even hosted in a number of television shows such as Chocolate with Jacques Torres and Dessert Circus in 1998. Since the program was a huge success, Jacques Torres had written a second book and again conducted the second season of the program for the next year (American Immigration Law Foundation, “Jacques Torres”). He had also received an honor to appear with Julia Child in her series JuliChild’s Master Chefs (Culinary Schools. Org, “World-Class Pastry Chef: Chocolatier Jacques Torres”). In the year 2002, thirteen episodes of television series of him had led on Television Food Network (American Immigration Law Foundation. “Jacques Torres”). The various items of Jacques Torres include asserted dark and milk chocolate, dark chocolate, premium milk chocolate, caramel sauce, dark chocolate almonds, espresso beans covered in chocolate, fudge sauce, hot chocolate classic, marshmallow chocolate, hot chocolate wicked, milk chocolates covered with cheerio, amendments, milk chocolate covered with pretzels, shortbread cookies and Jacques’ house blend. These items made him well known and he became the master of pastry. The delicious dishes of chocolate which was made by Jacques Torres became much famous and were liked by all (Max Delivery, “Jacques Torres Chocolates”).

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