An Ecologist Look at Cancer and the Environment.

 It is actually a systematic invasion, a menace which cancer has become today. Cancer is an incurable disease in most cases brings more attention to biologists and social scientists. The motivation is all there for the professionals, for the pertinent scholars who want to write more about cancer and its effects. They write on cancer, its causes and its possible symptoms, which if not could bring the permanent, still lasting cures for it in the discipline of medicine. This medical field is still developing as far as cancer diagnosis and treatment are concerned. As the subject of cancer is broad, so it requires more research and apprehension from scholars and related professionals. In regard to cancer, all worries are aligned they are combined within the society of today and its people. Actually these worries are not from today but they existed when cancer emerged as a “disease” (Steingraber, 1997).

According to medicine scholars Steingraber and Carson, the origin of cancer came from environmental pollution. Pollution which risks the whole environment, risking life in it, is actually the main and important cause of cancer. When environmental hazards exist and exist on a larger scale, they are sufficient enough to spread the disease of cancer. Fundamentally scholars relate cancer to environmental pollution. Most of Steingraber’s work emphasized on control and precautionary methods like controlling cancer by cleaning the environment.&nbsp.Primarily, the book talks about the spread of cancer and how vigorously it is spreading in the world due to environmental changes. The author points out how pollution is causing cancer in both human and animal races. Similarly, the author reflects on some interesting relations between industrial pollution and prostate cancer and how chemicals deteriorate agriculture lands.&nbsp.

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An Ecologist Look at Cancer and the Environment.
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