An event at the national sea life centre.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic an event at the national sea life centre. The event will first involve a walk that will start at the National Sea Life Centre. Participants will walk three kilometers outside the center and back for various kinds of competitions. They will answer simple ten questions related to sharks. A participant will get a monetary award for every question answered correctly. Furthermore, members will be involved in the identification of various types of sharks present at the National Sea Life Centre. People have never had an experience of nature elsewhere. The event remains our unique selling proposition. Contributors will get the opportunity to contend and show their knowledge of sharks. In fact, the event will involve learning and entertainment. Aspects of competition and winning monetary values mark the emotional propositions of the event (Bourke, 2005, p.64). There are no significant direct competitors for the event. Nevertheless, companies that arrange entertainment events at the National Sea Life Centre will remain vital to promoting the event.

The primary aim of making advertisements is to inform potential customers that such an event exists. Later, persuade them to buy our product. Customers will like our product. The prerequisite is to register for the walk and have an opportunity to have enjoyment. Communication informs customers that the primary aim is to help conserve various types of sharks that are endangered by human activities. The primary purpose is to help conserve sharks by involving the participators. Therefore, our communication will inform the customers of the opportunity to learn new ways about sharks. Customer communication will inform the public of the ability to explore the National Sea Life Centre only after subscribing to participate in the event. They will be told that they will have experiences with other sea animals like Clownfish, Native Ray, Jellyfish, and octopus (Schneider, 2012, p.34). In addition, potential customers will be informed that the walk will be very short. The group considered the needs of those who do not like walking long distances. Many individuals who have never experienced the opportunity to visit the National Sea Life Centre will get the opportunity that day.

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An event at the national sea life centre.
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