An100-our inner ape 364 | Literature homework help


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An100-our inner ape 364 | Literature homework help
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you will need to read chapter 4 of the book "Our Inner Ape" In order to be able to do this.

Short Answer Question 1

In this chapter, DeWaal demonstrates that among primates, there seems to be a deep need for reconciliation (or forgiveness) after a dispute. He gives several examples of this phenomenon as observed in chimpanzees. Briefly describe one of these example. Also, provide an example of how this phenomenon might be expressed among humans, either from the book or from your personal life.

Short Answer Question 2

DeWaal suspected that peacemaking might be an acquired social skill rather than instinct- in other words, it is part of social culture. He tested this with an experiment involving two species: Stumptails and Rhesus Macaques. In your own words, describe this experiment and how it showed that peacemaking can be learned over the course of social interactions.

Answer both question. If you use any websites, list the URLs. Your response should be at least a page, double spaced. Upload your response as a single Word document.



you will need to read chapter 5 for this one


Short Answer Question

What is "theory-of-mind"? In what context does DeWaal discuss it? Why does DeWaal believe that it is an important concept for comparing humans to non-human primates?

Your response should be at least 3/4 of a page, double spaced. If you use any websites, please list the URLs. Upload your response as a Word document.



the last thing is to watch this Video and answer the following:



Answer the following questions about the film Ape Genius. Each answer should only be a couple of sentences long. Read these questions before you watch the film so you can take appropriate notes. Sumbit your answers by clicking the button below. 

1. How does the chinp get the peanut out of the tube? Why is this important for the researchers?

2. What is one example of grief among chimps that is highlighted in the film?

3. In a few sentences, describe chimpanzee abilities to cooperate with one another.

4. What are the differences between chimpanzee and bonobo abilities to cooperate? (2 points)

5. Explain the importance of Kanzi the bonobo putting the "key in the refrigerator."

6. What was the purpose of the gummy bear experiment? (2 points)

7. Why is pointing so significant in human child development? (2 points)
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