Analysis of Organisational Psychology

 Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Organisational psychology is a science of behavior, as well as, other human variables at places of work and in organizations. There are several theories applied in organizational psychology (COFA, n.d). The theories include controlling human behavior, motivation, cognition and social behaviors that are used to explain, describe, predict, and manage the behavior of humans at places of work or organizations (Niclas, 2004). The theoretical concepts are crucial in solving practical issues, especially where human resource management is involved (COFA, n.d). Psychological theories that revolve around work motivation, for instance, are used to generate job analyzing techniques that help diagnose motivational scopes of work. With the help of the above theories, interventional concepts that will help re-design jobs to better the motivation in workplaces have been optimistically evaluated and formed (Janet & Buitendach, 2013). In organizational psychology, the greatest achievement would be the practicability of a good theory at a place of work (COFA, n.d). The success of the implementation of the theory requires extensive research before it is applied.

How theoretical advances in organizational psychology could make approaches in human resource management tangible is somehow tricky (COFA, n.d). Usually, the answer will require evaluating several psychological concepts that prove useful in applied organizational frameworks to support human management issues. One could set potential theories or approaches of organizational psychology that are justified under certain views on defined criteria (COFA, n.d Competency-oriented psychological techniques apply better to human resource management in an organization like Mudgee. The manager can use these to manage her employees and to create a successful working environment (Niclas, 2004).

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