Application assignment | Literature homework help

pplication: Special Needs from a Variety of Perspectives

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Application assignment | Literature homework help
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Research and Information Exchange on Categories of Special Needs, Part 2

In Week 3 you completed Part 1 of your Application Assignment by researching a category of special needs, completing the Information Sheet, and posting it in the Doc Sharing area of your classroom. This week you will complete Part 2 of this Application Assignment.

Part 2: Information Exchange

This week you will have the opportunity to share your research with other students and learn more about the categories of special needs. To begin:

Click on the Doc Sharing link and read at least three of your colleagues’ Information Sheets on a category (or categories) different from the one you chose in Part 1.

For your Application Assignment this week:

  • Summarize your thoughts, including new knowledge and insights you gained with regard to categories you read about. And, if appropriate, compare and contrast the category you researched with the category(ies) you learned about.

  • Summarize the insights you’ve gained and/or the assumptions that were dispelled due to your participation in both Part 1 and Part 2 of this Application.

Assignment length: 2–3 pages


I’ve attached 3 of my colleagues’ Information sheet for review.

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