Application Essay s s Grade 26th October Application Essay

 Application Essay s s Grade 26th October Application Essay: Scholarship or Research Assistant Grant Request

It is very disappointing when one admires the ideas behind tall buildings and skyscrapers, only for them to be brought down by natural catastrophes.

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Application Essay s s Grade 26th October Application Essay
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As a young Iranian boy, my passion was in the technology behind tall buildings and sky scrappers. Thus, I admired the magnificent creations of brilliant minds around me. With the 1990 Manjil-Rodbar earthquake bringing down buildings and killing many lives. this intensified the urge in me to study the construction and maintenance of buildings. I acquired ardent interest in coming up with a technology that will come up with buildings resisting the effects of earthquake even if of higher magnitude. Earthquakes are prevalent in my continent of Asia where I come from, and much need to be done to ensure safe places of abode.

With great passion, I could not resist the urge to study civil engineering when I joined the university for my undergraduate studies. I buried my self in books to gain knowledge in this field rather than just getting excellent marks. I involved myself with activities biased towards my passion like the coming up of a lightweight concrete in the university lab with my concrete research group where I was a member, and we scooped position one among all universities. I also participated as a member of the earthquake research group. Computer being the core of technology is at my finger tips and I perfected this by working in a computer store parallel to my undergraduate studies. This implies how organized and dedicated I was towards achieving my most cherished goals. In 2006, I enrolled for a Masters program at Tehran Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) and studied my interest in the field of steel and earthquake. I mainly dealt with various types of failure and fatigue models in steel structures with the invention of a steel dissipater. I got honors in my Masters degree with GPA A (18.47 out of 20) and the work I did led to the calibration of Iranian steel structure for 4 fatigue models.

On attaining my Masters degree. though my passion of learning more about earthquake engineering had been horned in Iran. I got a green card, and this opened up more avenues to extend my knowledge in the field of civil engineering as well as the earthquake problem. Academic and research institutions in America are among the best in the world. Therefore, I will put my theoretical, and practical skills acquired come up with a design structure of building earthquake-proof buildings. With the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES). I feel that this country has done a lot in earthquake research, and I am certain that my quest for learning more about the earthquakes and probable solutions with respect to building and construction realized. My optimism is that I will contribute tremendously in the globally. This will ensure that tall buildings, and sky scrappers can be built and people live in them without fear of losing their lives in the eventuality of an earthquake.


Chamot Josh. A special Report about Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation. National Science Foundation (April 2011)

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