April Reading and Questions

Part Summary The aspect of whiteness in management in different organizations that are characterised by diversity is a source of power and it is deeply entrenched in the status quo of such organization. In brief, it can be noted that whiteness is seen as the invisible norm in different organizations which ought to be interrogated to improve the effectiveness of the organization in terms of communication.

2. The paper mainly presents three themes on whiteness namely interrogating, re-centering and masking whiteness. The first theme tries to uncover the hidden assumptions that are related to the aspect of whiteness. Re-centering whiteness is a theme that is seen as normal way of doing things while on surface all people are regarded as equal. The third theme, masking whiteness protects their superiority.

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April Reading and Questions
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From these themes, it can be seen that there is need to interrogate whiteness in order to realise the problematic assumptions that help to re center or mask the aspect of whiteness. It can also be seen that the issue of whiteness is hidden and it portrays itself in a subtle way in different organizations. The invisibility of whiteness has to be investigated in order to enhance organizational effectiveness when managing diversity. This helps all the people to freely give their ideas without any prejudice.

Part 2: Reaction

i. What has made me uncomfortable through reading this article is that we are made to believe that we are all equal on surface while in actual fact there is a certain race that is seen as superior. In many multinational organizations, senior management posts are held by whites but there are also other people from other races who are capable of performing the same task.

ii. What I had not realised is that the issue of whiteness is significantly gaining prominence in the world of management. Measures are being taken in order to try to address this problematic issue which gives other people more privilege than others on the basis of race.

iii. My question is related to the measures that can be taken in order to change the status quo. While the aspect of whiteness is acknowledged in different sectors of the society, it can be seen that the whites have a hidden unfavourable privilege over other races which may be difficult to challenge since it is entrenched in people’s lives such that they see it as normal.

iv. Favourite quote: “One important practical implication of the interrogating whiteness perspective is that it brings to light our hidden assumptions about difference” (402).

Part 3: Relation

This article is closely related to different incidences that I encounter in my life in many occasions. There is so much talk about the issue of equality among different people but it can be seen that there is a hidden element of racial superiority in favour of whites in different institutions. Whites yield more power compared to their counterparts from other races counterparts from other races. Even in our daily lives, be it on television of any other form of media, it can be seen that whites are portrayed as superior than other races.

Works cited

Diane Susan Grimes. ‘Challenging the status quo? Whiteness in the diversity

management Literature. Management communication quarterly, vol 15, no 3, February 2002, 381- 409.

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