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Argument essay | Literature homework help
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Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and/or Glaspell’s Trifles.




Seeh the attachment for guidlines that you must follow


links to the plays


Remember that you’ll need to create an argument based on the prompts above. Think about what you can claim about your topic. What can you prove to the reader? As you read, mark places in the text that support your ideas. This will make it easier to write the paper (you’ll know where to look for textual support).


A Doll’s House


Glaspell’s Trifles.



1-Discuss the role of birds in one or both plays. What do birds suggest about the characters or their differing levels of freedom? Consider the use of birdcages as well. In what ways are the characters limited by their gender, social status, and/or social expectations? Are any characters able to overcome these limitations? Who? How? What does the play (or do the plays) seem to be saying about these issues?





2-Consider the role of lies and the truth in one or both plays. How does the characters’ deceit affect their choices and/or fate? Are any characters “saved” through the truth? Who or how? Are any characters “saved” through deceit? Do gender and/or socioeconomic roles have an effect on who is able to tell the truth? What does the playwright seem to be saying about the issue of truth/reality vs. lies/fantasy?





3-Are Nora and Minnie similar in any ways? How? Why might their similarities matter? What about the ways in which they are different? How are these women limited by their husbands and/or societal expectations/social roles? Are Nora and Minnie limited by gender? What do the playwrights seem to be suggesting about gender? How do the other female characters in both plays effect the plays’ outcomes? Do these other women have more freedom? Why?


 in addtion:


Consider this: Which play is more interesting to you (and why)? It’s easier to write about literature you find compelling. When choosing a topic, consider where you have doubts about the play’s meaning, as those are often the most intriguing/important moments of a play.







 must contain a thesis (mark it in red), and that thesis must organize your ideas. A thesis is your claim about a topic – what are you trying to prove in your paper?


Use direct quotes wherever they will help support your ideas. Aim to include at least one direct quote per body paragraph.


Your paper will consist of an introduction (the thesis will be its last sentence), body paragraphs (however many you need), and a conclusion (that brings up a new idea/perspective).


Papers must be at least 2000 words (6-8 pages), double spaced, size 12, standard font. Use MLA for citation (we’ll also be going over MLA in class).




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