Art History Project

Additionally, the participation in domestic and community affairs helped women to influence the political system at the time. There was a limitation on women to express their political views against their husbands. Moreover, women could not publicly condemn the established political order in the era. The women that went against the established norms in the society risked their lives through death. In this period, there was limitation to women that wanted to venture in art. Most of the women lacked access to sophisticated training required to be an accomplished artist (NMWA 1). The period only saw few successful women artists. Such women were children, nieces, or spouses of the successful male artist in the period (NMWA 1). The family connections helped them to acquire skills and network to establish their careers. On the other hand, the country of origin of women conferred them with some advantage. Those that came from Northern Europe had some advantage as compared to their counterparts in the south. The Roman Catholic played a significant role in support of the artist in the period (NMWA 1). The church focused on devotional images that could only be possible through artistic skills and techniques. This significantly disadvantaged women as they were prohibited from getting such skills and techniques. In contrast, the Protestant north focus on art was based on activities and experiences of their daily lives (NMWA 1). As a result, women artists benefited as they produced still life and genre paintings that appealed to the patrons (NMWA 1). Despite these challenges, there were various successful and professional women artists in the period.

Women for a long time have been defined by history. One of the periods that depicted the position of women in society was Baroque. The period lasted began in the last decade of 16th century and lasted up to 1750 (Schneider 1). The period was characterized by religious and political turmoil (Schneider 1).

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 Art History Project
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