According to Tony Bennett, the museum has not made superior arrangements of their objects in relation to the things that people come to view in the museum. When one looks around to explore, one finds art in the unexpected places. Art has help us by providing us with clues about live and our live is more fully created through a collection of appreciating the art and even make a daily earning from it (Danilov, Victor,63 )

2 There is a great diversity of objects – painting, sculpture, ceramics etc. – on display in the museum. How and why has this diverse collection been arranged in the way that it has?

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The specifically planned displaying spaces including the Marie Eccles Caine gallery, the Nora Eccles Harrison Ceramics Gallery, the Boyden collection of the Naïve American materials found in the Chase Fine Arts Center-present the continuing display of their artworks that are in the permanent collection. All the works in the museum covers the modern and contemporary arts providing an extensive overview of creative works from the year 1990 to the most current. All the objects emphasize on the artist works of persons living in the western half of the US.

3. Have a look at the ceramics cabinets 1 through 4 (on the 2nd floor.) What are the organizing principles for each cabinet? What common elements do the objects within each cabinet share and why have they been arranged in that way?

In the second floor there are a number of mediums that are used in the museum are utilized. For instance, the piece called Flowers of fate is on display. Painting having a clock and mirror pieces that are well oil painted on a piece of wood. This piece of wood is centered on the idea of our daily experiences. For instance, the clock represents the different perspective of time and the light form above represent the accent of light in our life (Danilov, Victor,59 ) For this reason, the message brought about the piece that demonstrates our everyday experiences on the pieces of art.

4. Objects and items from the museum’s permanent collection are displayed in the gallery areas on the lower first floor. Identify three pieces of art each of which is an example of a distinct genre or style. For each painting/object explain what the genre/style is and why the piece fulfills the generic criteria.

Three pieces of art are displayed and were moved from the Museum’s permanent collection and displayed in the gallery areas:

Trimpin, Klompen 1987, wood, metal, electronics

Marie Eccles Caine Foundation Gift Klompen has arranged in a different composition a exhibited the spaces and other locations in creative way. The most recent pyramid-like arrangement placed at the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum Art has a composition of 20n different compositions with various rhythms and tones.

Ann Preston, Passacaglia (detail), 2007, mixed media. steel, plaster and acrylic paint

The world currently seems complex and fragile. This originates from fragile and temporary installation and continues with both abstract and figurative works. This involves the objects that are mathematically structured varieties of objects that provide a formal foundation of artworks.

Irving Norman, Blind Momentum, 1960, oil on canvas

Marie Eccles Caine Foundation Gift

Making art out of the commonly found theme drew attention to the junk and casting off the remnants of the urban life, then coming up with something different. This brought up humanity as a spiritual adrift and oppressed by the mechanized society. In this work, drawing is expressed through the technical skills and adequate magnitude with vision of successful art.

5. Which is tour favorite piece of art currently on display in the museum? Describe and critically analyze the piece and explain why you find it compelling.

The Museum currently displays 31 new works of art that are donated by Katryn C.Wanlass Foundation and those from the Marine Eccles Caine Foundation. Other objects from the new artists are also displayed. This exhibits include the great graphite drawings disclose a narrative style imaging different concepts. In the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, art has been approved by the American Alliance of Museums. In this field, art is dedicated to the acquisition, preservation and displaying of the modern and contemporary visual art. Inside the Museum, an innovation of the historic collections of modern and contemporary art of the American takes most of the displays (Danilov, Victor,40 ).

Work Cited

Danilov, Victor J.. Women and museums: a comprehensive guide. Lanham, MD: AltaMira Press, 2005. Print.Hide 

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