Article on application of psychology on leadership and management 

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on application of psychology on leadership and management Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! In those theories, the theorists who were of diverse professional backgrounds came up with “frames within which they explained human personality, what dictated the kind of personality that one would possess and the characteristics of those various personalities” (Tjosvol and Tjosvol 7). Psychologists endeavor to explain why people with the same heredity (from the same mother and/or father) and same environment react differently. They also explain why people of different heredity and past life experiences may sometimes react in the same manner in a similar environment.

There are different theories all of which endeavor to explain human personality. Tjosvol and Tjosvol widely studied the major groups of theories that study people’s personality such as trait, behavioral, psychoanalytic, humanist and social learning (9). They embrace different approaches, for example, the biological theories that suggest that the genetics of an individual are responsible for a person’s personality. This involves heritability which suggests that there is a link between a person’s traits and the genetics. Behavioral theorists, on the other hand, explain that the personality of a person is dictated by the environment in which the individual stays. Tjosvol and Tjosvol studied that behavioral theorists study the measurable and observable behaviors of individuals by explaining that personality is adopted from the friends with whom one hangs most of the time (6). It is based on the belief that behavior and by far personality is a result/product of the fuse between an individual’s genetics and the environment.

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Article on application of psychology on leadership and management 
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Psychoanalysis is the oldest theory of personality and is based on the Sigmund Freud’s arguments and analysis of human personality. From this theory, personality is based on psychic energy (libido) and the unconscious. The man slowly develops from the id to the ego and finally to the superego which forms the basic structure of the human personality.&nbsp.

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