Article on changing minds 

How can you approach such a person or group and attempt to change their minds? Being a fundamentalist, one adheres to a strict doctrine of thought. Basically, it is similar to a computer in that it already has programmed responses. fundamentalist already have responses in which they are going to act in certain parameters. It makes it extremely difficult to sway the minds of those that are fundamentalist in that they are dedicated to a certain pattern of thought and straying from this thinking pattern can cause them anxiety. In order to convert fundamentalist, you must be able to reconstruct the view so that a person can easily integrate into the mindset. 2. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.In Changing Minds Gardner talks of an ‘Integrated viable identity.’ How can the work of a site such as ours impact and attempt to create change in a way that supports the development and enhancement of any existing ‘integrated viable identity’ in any of our readers? (Hint – this is hard to find yet findable – look at references provided in the back of the book to help you find it if needed). This involves the conversion of the fundamentalist to what could be considered the radical and changing point of view. In order for the variable to become viable, he idea that is radical must be integrated into the cognition and memory of the fundamentalist. The final step is taking this integrated thought and moving it into behavior. In terms of the project, you had to not only convince them that the idea of ecologically sound cars is good, but in order to make it integrated and viable, they must move the belief into actions. 3. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.In Changing Minds Gardner speaks of ‘Representational Redescription.’ &nbsp.Explain what this is, and whether we have it in our site. If we do, describe where it is and how it works in the site. &nbsp.Also, explain how you might effectively use it in the future. Representational Redescription is where a reformist must radically change the ideas of the group by reversing traditional roles and values. We did this by showing how traditional technologies are not beneficial. The function of compressed gas does not mean that it is compressed as in explosive like when we think of compressed gas in a can, however the explosion itself can help power as an alternative resource. 4. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.In Changing Minds Gardner describes how ‘Designated Driver’ became a household word internationally. Using this model, what could be done on this project or others in the future to successfully establish a similar acceptance of an idea in the average public person? What would you do differently on the project knowing this? This shows that society is actually the driver in change, whether it is locally or universally, such as in reforms for drunk driving and texting while driving. We want the community to push for change in the electric vs CNG debate. In order to get public support, you have to show that not only is it economically feasible, but also that it will make a difference. 5. In Changing Minds, Gardner talks about Wetware, Dryware and Goodware. Explain these terms and how you either used them in our project or how you might use them effectively in the future. Be sure to integrate and compare all three in your response. Gardner used his creative writing techniques to compare our psychological reasoning and aspects in comparison to a computer. Dryware is the basic components in processing and traditional data processing techniques.

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Article on changing minds 
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