Article on Inherit the Wind. 

“The Monkey Trial” appears in another light taking in consideration that such event took place more than half century after the first publication of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”.

When talking about the time of 1920s which is the time of the events occurred in film we surely must say that it was a strange time in the history of America. Probably the most interesting thing was the Prohibition that banned circulation, buying, selling and consumption of the alcohol according to the “Volstead Act”. What is common between the Prohibition and Monkey Trial? Simple: religion. It is exactly religion that dictated and forced government to forbid alcohol just as well as it done it to the teaching of evolution in school. Religiously obsessed, boring with their own neo-puritan life and overall blind, arrogant and worthless masses of housewives, their domestic husbands and conservative deep to the core republicans with all their shortsighted efforts done only harm to the fair judgment and rationality of the thought that was developing in the Western world for the last couple of centuries. Of course middle class average man from the South knew nothing about The Enlightenment, Renaissance, Constitution and Reformation, about the war for the freedom of the thinking and saying just as well as he knew nothing about the Evolution, Freud and Marx until he started to hate. Nevertheless, even in his hate common man from the masses is inconsistent and incoherent. He hates but he doesn’t know what he hates. “Inherit the Wind” being a great movie with high-class actor performance and brilliant work of camera more than anything is a movie about the never-ending battle between the sense and chaos, between the reason and ignorance. Darwin’s theories found a huge and admirable audience in the most creative, intelligent and smart people of those times.

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Article on Inherit the Wind. 
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