Article on jovica veljovic as a font designer

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on jovica veljovic as a font designer Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Being a graphic designer calls for the perfect selection of font designed for a specific thing, but some dominant and leading fonts are used almost everywhere. For example, the usage of Serif fonts is prohibited for any website by the designers who created the said fonts (Desizn Tech, 2011).

Calligraphy, BlackLetter, Serif, San-Serif, Script, Pixel and Decorative are a few types of fonts available in everyone’s reach (Design Is History, 2013). The fonts are also categorized into different families. Each font may differ from another in boldness or being italic. Some of the most famous and widely used fonts are Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Helvetica and many more (NTC Hosting, 2013).

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Article on jovica veljovic as a font designer
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Fonts have a great impact on our lives, sometimes it is the missing link of the drink and theory, sometimes it simply makes you happy, sometimes it makes a person think upon it. The color, the shape, the size of all matters and varies from a brand to an endorsement to a newspaper. One can play with the typefaces, rotating, inverting, squaring. encircling can create such a beautiful and amazing outlook that makes people ponder upon it as the font speaks better than the ad itself (Bierut, 2013).

Fonts are a part of our daily life. We cannot detach ourselves nor from it either from its existence and importance. It is widely used in design and photography, videography, web development, marketing, analytics, social structure, media, documents, publishing, business, industries and learning (Adobe, 2013). There are thousands and thousands of fonts available to printers, designers, writers, artists and most importantly the layman (Design is History, 2013).

Veljovic, a typographic designer, a calligrapher and a book designer and has 35 years of experience in it. His typefaces are widely been used and have been published by ITC, Adobe systems and Linotype. He has received a number of calligraphic and typographical awards. He has designed a number of fonts some of which are&nbsp.

listed below:ITC Veljovic® (1984)

ITC New Esprit® (1985)

ITC Gamma® (1986)

Ex Ponto® multiple master typeface (1995)

Silentium® (2000)

Sava™ (2003)

Libelle™ (2009)

Veljovic Script™ (2009)

ITC New Esprit® (2010)

Agmena™ (2012). (Linotype, 2013).

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