Artist researches

They wanted to produce two-dimensional canvass and used multiple vantage points. According to Rewald (2001), Picasso and Braque had common favourite instilling “musical instruments, bottles, pitchers, glasses, newspapers, playing cards and the human face and figure” in their art works. Cubism was not only adopted in paintings, but it was also popular in architecture and sculpture during the twentieth century (rewald, 2001).

Nesic (n.d.) discussed that Cubism was once just an idea before it really became a style. The cubism is an approach to art which wanted to represent the reality of the world in concepts and not about perceptions (Nesic, n.d.). Paul Cezanne is one of the most influential painters during the nineteenth century (Galenson & Weinberg 2001). Cezanne enumerated ingredients of cubism which include geometry, simultaneity and passage and tried to introduce the concept of the Fourth Dimension (Nesic, n.d.).

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Artist researches
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There are two distinct phases of cubism: analytical and synthetic. The Analytic cubists create artworks with multiple and overlapping planes while synthetic cubists produce artworks made of colored papers cut out in shapes (Rewald 2001). Analytical cubism which lasted until 1912 used geometric framework to create a subject image as an overall effect (Cubism, n.d.). Synthetic cubism on the other hand was mainly influenced by the introduction of collages, both simple and bold (Cubism, n.d.). Unlike analytical cubism, this phase is appear to be more abstract but characterized by a more direct, vibrant and attractive style (Cubism, n.d.).

For this paper I will discuss the work of three contemporary cubist painters: Susanna Sharp and Luiza Vizoli. There paintings are characterized by collages of abstract geometric forms which characterized the style of cubism. There subjects are more on human face and musical instruments like the great founders Picasso and Braque.

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