Aspects of Global Cultural Exchange Using Primary Sources.

I will pay for the following article Aspects of Global Cultural Exchange Using Primary Sources. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The effect of the Roman Empire was that it was responsible for establishing contact, like commercial transactions and cultural exchange, between the distant corners of Europe and the Mediterranean (Cowen 6). The development of roads under the Roman Empire resulted in a much extensive interstate system on the basis of mileage. However, with the decline of the Roman Empire, trade reduced greatly, cities saw a fall in their commercial and cultural activities and there was a marked increased in feudalism (Cowen 6). Furthermore, there was a decline in architecture, writing, reading and visual arts. The glorious and grand buildings constructed during the Antiquity period started to steep into disrepair, and their furniture etc was plundered. The statues of Bronze were melted for obtaining metal and using it for other purposes. A number of writings of the Antiquity period were lost also. Development in the cultural lives of cities and increases in trade occurred with the Renaissance, which led to the rise of the Medieval city. This was an impact of the process of globalization when the West refreshed its contacts across the borders (Cowen 6). There was increased activity in terms of commerce and culture being carried out between the West and the Chinese and Islamic worlds. Also, trade increased significantly, greater activity was seen in the shipping lanes as well as on trade routes of the land that had been out of use since the fall of the Roman Empire (Cowen 6).

This paper explores the various aspects of the global cultural exchange. There are two primary sources that are being used for the purpose of comparison. Fulcher of Chartres: The Latins in the East (Chronicle, Bk III) was written regarding the Kingdom of Jerusalem (Krey). It discusses the cultural aspects of the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the people living during that time in Jerusalem. The second primary source that is&nbsp.being examined is the Reginald of Durham: Life of St. Godric [12th Cent]. This primary source discusses the cultural life before the 11th century.&nbsp.

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