Assignment 2 | Literature homework help

Note – this assignment should be a total of seven pages MINIMUM!  At least FOUR pages should be devoted to the first part of the assignment.  Part 1 – Personal Interviews   The purpose of this assignment is to give you information about your interpersonal communication style that you may not be aware.  Interview three (3) people:  a parent, a close friend and a college instructor.  If you cannot interview a parent, you may interview any relative or friend that is older than you are.  If you can’t speak with a college professor, you may interview any teacher or professional person who knows you well.    Assignment: a.   In your interviews, ask the person to tell you at LEAST ten things about yourself that you are already aware.  Example:  You are a 23-year-old woman.  You go to college.  b.  Next, ask them to list at LEAST TEN things about yourself that you are probably NOT aware.  Be sure to ask them to be honest, and you need to be open to allowing them to be honest with you.  Example:  You use your hands all the time when you talk. You interrupt me when I talk to you, you are opinionated, you try to dominate, you seem to like to be boss, Etc.  4. List the people you interviewed, their relationship to you, and what you discovered during your interviews.  Then write at least a (3) THREE-page paper discussing what you learned about yourself and your interpersonal communication, attitudes, etc.  This paper should include some in-depth self-analysis regarding things you learned about yourself and how you wish to improve or change (or continue to do the positive things learned).  You must make references to concepts/theories from your textbook in your analysis.  DO NOT WRITE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS – THE PAPER SHOULD BE IN AN ESSAY FORM TO RECEIVE POINTS.  In a paper submitted through BlackBoard’sdropbox for assignment 2, please make sure your paper is submitted in a Word document format.  (Word perfect, Word pad, etc. cannot be submitted).  Proper use of paragraphs, grammar, spelling, and college level analysis is expected.  USE one inch margins and no larger than a 12 point font size! If you use more than a one inch margins or larger than a 12 point font, you need to write at least four pages or your grade will be reflective of such.   Part 2 – “Critical Thinking Questions” please refer to RELEVANT theories/concepts from the chapters in your textbook.  At least paragraph (minimum) answers. Remember you must submit a seven page total for the unit two assignments.  FOUR pages or more on the above and at least complete paragraphs on the below for seven pages or MORE.  1.  Do the media give greater attention to ideas phrased in extremes than to ideas phrased in extremes than to ideas phrased more logically as somewhere between the extremes?   2.  Visualize yourself seated with a packet of photographs of strangers before you.  You’re asked to scratch out the eyes in each photograph.  If some photos were of your family, would you be able to scratch the pictures as easily as the strangers?  Is this response intentionally or extensionally?   3.  What cultural identifiers do you prefer people to use in relation to you?  How can you let other people know the cultural descriptions that you want them to use?   4.  Describe a situation in which someone communicated discrimination against you or someone you know by assuming that you (or a person you know) believed something or behaved in a particular way because of gender, race, nationality, religion or affectional orientation.     Please place your name in the lower left corner of the last page.  Grading criteria:  Format – 2 points  Grammar, spelling,  use of paragraphs – 5 points  Content and following assignment 58 points  Total possible points – 65

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Assignment 2 | Literature homework help
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