Autism Spectrum Disorder

 Autism Spectrum Disorder: Case Study. The work is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. As the nation and the entire globe struggle to gain succinct knowledge of the disorder, teachers and parents continue to seek ways of meeting the requirements of children diagnosed with the disorder, both in the classroom and at home. This paper will examine the autism disorder, describing its effects on children’s educational needs and abilities, as well as the support presently available to children diagnosed with autism.

&nbsp.According to the Autism Society of America (2009), autism presents in the initial two years of a child’s life. The number of people diagnosed with autism in the US is currently unknown, which, in turn, presents a challenge to education stakeholders who are unable to anticipate the full scope of needs presented by autistic children in terms of their acquisition of proper education. However, it is well known that at least one in 91 children in the US suffers from autism, and this number is rapidly increasing globally (CDC 2009). Autism is one of the fastest growing disabilities linked to development with a yearly cost of at least $90 billion in terms of health care, education and research. The CDC estimates that in the next decade, the yearly cost of autism will be between $200 and $400 billion. With the increasing prevalence, as well as the cost associated with autism, it is clear that there is a need for extensive research.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder
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&nbsp.Autism is quite a complicated developmental disorder, which emanates from a neurological disorder that impacts the brain’s functioning. Autism affects child development, particularly in areas such as communication abilities and social interaction. Both autistic adults and children present immense difficulties in non-verbal and verbal communication, play and leisure activities and social interactions (ASA 2009).

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