Automobile free society

 In seeking to imagine a world without automobiles, or more specifically the United States without automobiles, there are a number of key factors that would fundamentally shift within such a dynamic. The underlying reason for performing such a discussion is based on the fact that an America without cars is something that must be considered. especially based upon the very real threats to the environment that the current situation exhibits.

The first and most important adjustment that Americans would need make in order to transition to an automobile-free society would be one regarding the way in which individuals get to work and/or to their place of education. These two have been chosen as destinations apart from all others s they are the ones that allow the economy to continue to function at its most efficient level. As a function of this specific change, it will be necessary for Americans to consider alternate forms of transportation. One of the most relevant of these would, of course, be train travel. The underlying reason why train travel has been selected has to do with the fact that trains are currently the method through which the majority of the world travels from point A to point B. As such, trains represent an extraordinarily efficient means of transportation and allow for a level of schedule certainty with respect to when they will depart and when they will arrive at a particular destination. However, in the case of the United States, integrating with trains will require an extraordinarily high level of initial investment. due in part to the fact that no existing infrastructure for passenger trains is widely exhibited.

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Automobile free society
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Firstly, one cannot begin to consider the question of whether establishing a train system would benefit the greater good without coming to a broad understanding of the fact that trains are inherently more efficient means of transportation than cars.&nbsp.

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