Axis Bank and Walmart.

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Axis Bank and Walmart. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. MIS is used at all levels in the organization. For instance, it provides crucial information at the senior management level to assist them to make strategic decisions. At the other levels, it observes the organization’s operations and distributes information to all the employees and customers of an organization. Management Information System is vital in the decision-making process of an organization (Shajahan & Priyadharshini, 2004).

Management information system

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Axis Bank and Walmart.
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A management Information System is an organized information system that collects, analysis, distributes, and stores data associated with all the departments in an organization (Lucey, 2005). Businesses and organizations use MIS in all levels of their operation to store, collect, and process data. Thus, different businesses and organizations use different management information systems in their operations. This paper will use a case study of Axis Bank and Walmart.

The different levels of management of Axis Bank and Walmart use management information systems in monitoring and controlling the operations of the organizations. The systems should always be supportive of the organization’s long term strategic goals and objectives as well as to the everyday operation requirements (Lucey, 2005). Both Axis Bank and Walmart use the everyday financial accounting systems to ensure the maintenance of basic control over the financial record keeping activities.

Financial accounting systems are a type of organizational management information system. They are a crucial part or functional element of the management information system structure. Both Axis Bank and Walmart use financial accounting systems. These systems are mostly focused on the internal balancing of the organization’s books to the general ledger and other subsystems of financial accounting.

The predictive information system is a category of management information systems. It provides data and information along with the predictions and the inferences. It helps the management to know what could happen if a certain action or decision is taken (Shajahan & Priyadharshini, 2004). This type of information system is used for semi-structured decisions. Axis Bank and Walmart use this type of management information system.

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