B2B Marketing.

Currently, Trafalgar manufactures two broad categories of products: the Trafalgar products composed of general building fire protection products and the Trafalgar Passive Fire solutions which includes passive fire containment and access panel products / systems for the building and construction industries. Trafalgar products, both for the passive fire solutions and general fire security products can be purchased from the Trafalgar main outlets and Fire Containment. With the new change, no notable developments are observed yet although the two companies are hopeful that the collaboration will bring forth exciting and dynamic range of fire protection products.

The company has the luxury of targeting two spectrums of the market: the Class A with their passive fire resistant technology and the general market of builders with their Trafalgar products. The company boasts of its long history of existence and excellence in the business. It has been in operation for the last 60 years. The company’s products are proven to be effective and customer-friendly. One of the latest developments in the company is the provision of product testing and customer support. “Continuous fire and acoustic testing of our products at various testing authorities to Australia, New Zealand and other world-wide standards is a philosophy of Trafalgar” that enables the company “to offer the most advanced in technology to our customers and continuously improve and develop our products further to satisfy the current market demands” (Trafalgar).

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The company positions itself as a socially responsible corporation, committed to both sustainability and excellence. It has such strong corporate values, making it more appealing to the customers. What is more interesting is they do this without compromising quality.

One of the competitors of Trafalgar is Rondo.

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