Basic Geometry.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Basic Geometry. Since there is no theorem, that justifies for the (SSA) rule. The third side of the triangle can be of any length without disturbing the above conditions but the size of the triangles can vary, hence the information is insufficient.

18. First of all, mark the center point of the circle, named O. Then mark anyone points on the circle, mark it A, open the protractor and measure OA. Then keep the protractor on point A and mark a point on the circle boundary, mark it B. now join O with A, A with B, and B with O. this will form an equilateral triangle.

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This produces an equilateral triangle because the first measure of OA is the radius of the circle, rest two lines are also equal to OA, which means all three sides of the triangle are the same, hence producing an equilateral triangle.

Yes, they are. The model is a true depiction of the actual building, hence any loophole in the design can only be outlined if the model is based on the actual design and dimensions. Therefore, it is a scaled-down version of the actual building.

Yes, it will always remain a circle. This is due to the reason that when a size transformation is applied to a circle the radius and circumference are reduced or increased in the same proportion, therefore keeping the shape as a circle.

The figure was then copied and pasted several times on the background. To achieve a tessellation the points of the figure were copied and pasted so that there are no gaps in between the edges of the brick-shaped figure.&nbsp.

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