Behavior Modification in Education.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Behavior Modification in Education. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In this attempt to define behavior modification before looking at critical evaluations, consider seven of its characteristics: (a) there is a strong emphasis on defining problems in terms of behavior that can be measured in some way. (b) the treatment techniques are ways of altering an individuals current environment to help that individual function more fully. (c) the methods and rationales can be described precisely. (d) the techniques are often applied in everyday life. (e) the techniques are based largely on principles of learning. (f) there is a strong emphasis on scientific demonstration that a particular technique was responsible for a particular behavior change. and (g) there is a strong emphasis on accountability for everyone involved in a behavior modification program (Martin & Pear, 2002). While considering these different characteristics of behavior modification, consider also the criticisms and the public perceptions of its practices, which will further illuminate the nature and the use of behavior modification in education.

First, some authors believe strongly in the efficacy of behavior modification to provide an enormous benefit to society, and so recommend that hospitals and schools alike implement training programs based on behavioral principles (Pumroy & McIntire, 1991, p. 292). They are quick to point out that the public is becoming more and more aware not only of the terminology used in a behavioral science but also of the fact that behavior modification can benefit the public. Nevertheless, it is still within the public where much of the opposition to behavioral modification lies. The most fundamental of these criticisms is the so-called “philosophy of controlling others”, by which the authors mean to say, “Many people feel uncomfortable about controlling or changing the behavior of others”.

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