Being Immersed Into Virtual Worlds

Being Immersed in Virtual Worlds Being immersed in virtual worlds is a very appealing topic to me and often times I, myself and others dive into those kind of things many, many times especially with the increase in technology over the last few decades essay writer salary. The focus of this essay will answer specific discussions such as the impact of humanity that indulge in the artificial, virtual world by video games, movies, media and many other technologies. In addition to that, I will write about why I consider it to be a leisure time as well as the uses of all these virtual reality in the future.
First of all, the technology involved in artificial, virtual world is all fantasy and has nothing to do with the real world. The problem is, some people don’t know the difference and take it out in real life as if it’s a game to them. The social implications of violent video games are often conflicted because some researchers, who are anti-violence towards video games, say that the majority of the people who play these games are more aggressive, addictive and so involved in it, they do things unpredictable, thus they are the ones who cause school shootings, crimes, etc.
True to say, this is not the case because obviously everyone who play video games reacts to it differently such as myself. Even more so, I’ve been playing video games for many years since I was a child and have had no psychological effects from the games. I clearly know right and wrong, fantasy from reality. How do I know this? I was taught well by my parents and as well as ventured out in the real world. There’s also something called being pro-social, which means caring about the welfare and rights of others’ life and not put their games as a priority.

Well, in some cases, violent video games do promote pro-social behavior which is a positive thing as they do not think about themselves and their leisure time only. This goes for all action and violence involved within movies and the media too. Being immersed into virtual worlds become a problem when one doesn’t know the difference, therefore naive of the facts and to make matters worse, imitate what they see in the game, most commonly “Grand Theft Auto” series which is one of the most popular among gamers.
The Grand Theft Auto series is a free-roam action-adventure video game where you are in the open world of a large city freely killing people and stealing cars, escaping from cops, etc. To provide with evidence, here’s a sufficient research on that matter according to the most recent school shooting perpetrator, Adam Lanza. According to the Times Ideas website, Christopher J.
Ferguson, the author of the article titled “Sandy Hook Shooting: Video Games Blamed, Again” has stated, “As a video game violence researcher and someone who has done scholarship on mass homicides…There is no good evidence that video games or other media contributes, even in a small way, to mass homicides or any other violence among youth. ” (Ferguson P. 3) We can’t blame violent video games for everything because like I said, there are more than just violent video games alone.
Adam Lanza may have played violent video games and went to a target shooting range, but there’s more to it than that. He was described as a loner with no friends, but brilliant. There was something wrong with him that no one knew or cared about; otherwise it would have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre. Secondly, simply playing video games, watching movies or TV such as soap opera and pornography are just leisure time and entertainment. These are things that should not be applied to real life.
A lot of people pay for this and the companies make billions of dollars from their customers and they will continue to keep that trend going for many decades to come, the companies attitude are “We will do whatever it takes to make more money” and that is pretty much their only goal especially with the entertainment industries. Companies never run out of ideas because the virtual world is full of so many possibilities unlike real life such as Star Wars, War of the Worlds, Zombies, Aliens, Horror among many others.
Sometimes, it may occur to some individuals who indulge themselves into this fantasy world and want to take it to the next level recruiting real victims and that becomes bad. In general, there are a lot of factors as to why serial killers, serial rapists, sexual sadists, online predators exist and that is because of this amongst other things that happen in their life to trigger such actions. What is even funnier is that religious people say it’s a sin to watch or play with these types of entertainment.
Is killing a human in a virtual world a sin? Absolutely not! As a Christian, I believe we shouldn’t be mastered, manipulated or consumed by anything where it will affect us and others in a negative way. The applications of virtual reality are largely visual and less on words. We have become more visual over the years. However, words will still be around because how else would we explain the visual image without words? Or how else would we make an argument depicting the images and/or videos?
Visual communication is direct and more efficient due to the pace of understanding it. It processes faster to the brain than words as if it’s like coding, trying to decipher what it is saying and then understanding it. Most people find TV, movies, video games more fun, appealing, and attractively productive than words. As the saying goes, visual communication is worth more than a thousand words. But we can also say that it’s a 50/50 between words and visual, they both are blended in, and despite how often one is used over the other.
There are also computer applications of virtual reality such as powerful Adobe Creative Suite tools able to make logos and vectors, image manipulation through Photoshop, After Effects that add visual special effects seen in action movies, animation, wide ranges of specific colors & objects and many more. You can say that these programs practically make our eyes see more, making it look more attractive and innovative that our eyes cannot see alone. Moreover, virtual reality is originally produced on a computer, engineered and then imported to all technological devices such as porting to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
In Wikipedia’s definition of virtual reality, more examples of hands-on equipments used are Computer-aided design (CAD), graphics hardware acceleration, head-mounted display, database gloves, and miniaturization (making powerful devices smaller scales but still effective). Applications that apply are implementation (most commonly programming languages such as Java, C++, Perl, or Python), Manufacturing (serve a new product design, prototypes, Computer-Aided Manufacturing), and Urban design (urban regeneration and planning transport projects). In the future, virtual reality is becoming more surreal with the advancements in technology.
As technology becomes more advanced and complex, so will virtual reality. Virtual reality is all surrounded by computers and devices extracted from real life and data stored in memory. It is amazing how fast technology has boosted in just a few decades and we are already doing High-Definition and 3-D. Now, virtual reality needs to complete all five senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste in the world of virtual reality being able to freely walk in what you imagined to be reality! How extraordinary technology will be to fulfill all five senses in virtual reality, in your own world that you, not only imagined, but also produced!

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Being Immersed Into Virtual Worlds
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