Benefit of Bilingualism

Write 5 pages with APA style on Benefit of Bilingualism. Secondly, it has encouraged a greater ability for developing new concepts and bilingualism kids become highly creative, imaginative. thus improving the thinking process of children. Bialystok spent many years studying on the way bilingualism kids sharpens their mind. thus, she found out that bilingualism kids are highly creative and imaginative than monolingual kids (Bialystok 230, pr.4). Bilingualism kids also have higher thinking capacity. thus, they can learn and recognize new words easily than monolingual kids. Thirdly, better problem solving and high mental flexibility among children are due to the study of bilingual programs. The study reveals that bilingual children outperform their monolingual counterparts on varied activities because their mind is active (Bialystok 220. Pr.5). They can easily solve the problem because bilingualism language enables them to overcome language barriers and many of them have the higher mental ability to determine things easily. They can also connect with others easily and their effective listening skills are vital for problem-solving. Fourthly, bilingualism has encouraged children to develop intellectual flexibility and higher processing of sensory information. Bilingualism children develop meta-linguistic abilities easily and differentiation of literal meanings becomes clearer for them. They also have a positive effect towards intellectual advancement. This is because being bilingual enhances and enriches the mental development. thus improving sensory information. Marian and Shook (pr.5) argue that many millions of Americans nowadays use bilingualism languages such as Spanish, English, French and many others. thus, it has improved the cognitive ability of many American children.

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Benefit of Bilingualism
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