Benefits and Disadvantages of Standards to an Organization

 The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. It is evidently clear from the discussion that organizations use thousands of standards in their daily operations to increase the quality, enhance environmental management, for health protection and safety, and in risk assessment. Standards refer to the published documents that detail procedures and specifications designed for ensuring safety, reliability, and consistency in services, products, and systems. They establish a conventional language, which defines safety criteria and quality. A standard comprises of codes, handbooks, specifications and guidelines defining possible goals in an organization. Standards also refer to documents that provide the requirements, rules, and guidelines regarding a service, product, or process. Requirements are complemented by the description of the services, products, and the process. Standards depend on the consensus approved by the recognized body. They enhance achievement of the optimum degree in a given context. They enable formulation, implementation, and issuing of the requirements. The process of standardization in any organization enhances the fitness of purpose by defining the ability for the fulfillment of purpose based on specified conditions. Standards enhance the identification of optimum operating parameters in performance processes. Standards lay the conditions in use of the process and provide for the evaluation of the product conformity. The suitability of a process used towards the fulfillment of the requirement is outlined by the standards. This is achieved through a deliberate process of standardization for goods and services, irrespective of the region of manufacture or location of the organization. Standards enhance variety reduction where the consumer knows exactly what they want, and this is critical in organizations to enhance balancing the varieties. Compatibility enhancement is achieved through the standards. The parallel incompatible processes are detrimental in any organization, but standards enhance compatibility by enhancing recognition of codes at all times in all the processes. Safety is enhanced using the health and safety standards that outline the safety parameters and identification processes.

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Benefits and Disadvantages of Standards to an Organization
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