Biography of nikki giovanni.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the biography of nikki giovanni. Giovanni’s truthfulness has been a huge contributing factor to her fame. Not only does it assure her admirers of her credibility but also allows her to make a definite mark on the Black community.

Giovanni’s life has undergone a number of different phases. From an all-black high school, she moved out of her parents’ house to live with her grandparents. Responsible for her sister’s child, Giovanni attained maturity at a very young age. She suffered the ordeal of changing schools, making sacrifices and compromising her life for those she loved. In 1967, Giovanni’s grandmother died, this was considered a painful and life-turning moment in the writer’s life. Her closeness to her grandmother is considered to be the most important loss in her life. It was, in fact, this death that drove her to write. The feelings of grief and loss motivated Giovanni to turn to her writings for comfort. Most of the poems written by her would later be used for the publishing of her first volume Black Feeling Black talks.

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The Black Feeling Black Talks is a book that reflects the revolutionary stance that is so strong in Giovanni. This volume includes poems written about Black figures that have impressed and won over Giovanni over. There are like personal attributes to people who have affected and shaped the writer’s life and ideology. These include the deaths of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Many feel these works to have a militancy stance, showing the strong spirit of revolution present in Giovanni’s work (Lee 1971). In this volume, Giovanni also comments on the atrocities committed in areas like Vietnam and Germany and compares them to the 1960s’ in America (Fabio 1970). This volume is full of works by Giovanni that includes ideas of loss and loneliness which were a part of the writer’s life&nbsp.during the creation of most of these works. This is the first volume printed by the writer from borrowed money.&nbsp.

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