Black swan. 

The black swan is a thriller that has actually portrayed the hidden reality of the ballet world. The director of the movie is widely known because of the creative depiction of his imagination. The movie is actually inspired by a popular play. the swan lake by Pyotr IIyich Tchaikovsky. The play is actually about a princess who is changed into a white swan by the curse of a witch. the princess falls in love with the prince but then commits suicide because the prince confesses his love for the black swan.

The opening stage of the movie is seen with the ballerina on stage dressed in a white tutu, focused by a bright light whereas everything else seemed to be completely surrounded by darkness. The ballerina is approached by another dancer who moves her in a circular motion. The scene which was filled with serenity is at once transformed in to a scene of horror which gives a sense of control of the dancer over the ballerina. The feathered dancer twists and turns the ballerina in the opposite direction of the camera and then releases her at once leaving her in a state of ecstasy and contentment and then dances away into the far away, abating spotlight.

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Ever since the beginning of the movie the director clearly indicates the clash of personality between the lead actress and her inability to distinguish the reality from dream. Nina has always wanted to play the lead character in the play and this is what fuels her ambition and passion and this is what drives a person to achieve his dreams. The director has also tried to show to that there always comes a time when one’s personality must be overtaken by the other. The movie has also portrayed ambition through the protagonist of the movie whereby she transforms to another form.

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