Bobs Meltdown

As the discussion outlines the first alternative that Singer could take is to fire Dunn, who is the senior Vice President and General Manager, Services. However, the case study identifies that Dunn is the best manager and the profitability of the company probably rides on his shoulders. This alternative will make the company lose revenue, and probably end up insolvent. The other alternative that Singer could take is to severely reprimand Dunn and make him apologize to Ms. Annette over his behavior. Organizational behavior ethos dictate that the best functioning of an organization as a team requires the cohesion that can only be achieved by a unity between the managers. The third alternative would be to assume that Dunn was under a lot of pressure from the responsibility entrusted to him. Therefore, this alternative would require that Mr. Singer talks to Dunn and tells him to calm down, and that Annette would be made to understand the importance of the services department.

From this study it is clear that all the alternatives proposed above their own limitations and strengths, mainly because of the deep ethical and professional implication of Dunn’s actions. The first alternative is the first consideration, because of the unprofessional nature of Dunn’s reaction. However, this alternative would result in a loss in profitability for the company before another manager as good as Dunn is found. The second alterative, a reprimand and no other action being taken, is not very advisable for the firm. This is because of the interpretations that the action would elicit from the other employees. This alternative would imply that the company does not care about some employees, especially the female employees, and that the performance record by Dunn gives him more leeway than the other employees.

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Bobs Meltdown
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