The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The author offers practical advices to enable women have a joyful sex life.

(1) “Twenty five percent of women have orgasmic dysfunction where they encounter difficulty to reach orgasm.” (p. 23). Recently, new developments in sexual medicine make headlines with a promise to increase orgasmic potential. Two procedures that include O-Shot and the new patent implant promise pleasurable results. Hopefully, this will enable a woman enjoy sex and reach orgasm more naturally.

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(2) “The inability to orgasm stem from weakened pelvic floor muscles that occur with childbirth or after menopause.” (p. 31). Fixing the root cause will naturally solve orgasmic dysfunction without using needles or medication. Exercises and tones of the pelvic muscles can improve a woman’s sexual experience while providing targeted stimulation that will increase orgasm.

(3) “The O-Shot makes many claims concerning orgasm and sensation since it is an expensive procedure, invasive to run the risk of scar tissue or uncomfortable sensation.”(p. 43). The doctor proposes natural solutions such as Intensity and Replens to ensure comfort before sex.

(4) “There is a misconception that there is no alternative to loss of libido or sexual dysfunction since many doctors are not professionals in sexual health to offer latest solutions.”(p. 73) Assisted reproductive techniques can help people with fertility issues. Medical doctors can provide guidelines to improving libido since it is a psychological process.

(5) “Sixty-one percent of American adults turn to the internet for most of their intimate health information.” (p.97). A higher percentage of people resort to the internet for probable solutions as posted by others with similar problems. It is advisable to such people, especially Women with that problem, to consult their medical profession to provide them with the best solution.

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