Bowels disorder

 Bowels Disorder Bowels Disorder The diagnosis Disturbed body image would be a priority so that the perception of the individual on herself can be effected. In a lifespan, the body image changes with development, childbearing, and illness. Variations of the norms can cause body image disturbance. Altered elimination as a result of proctolectomy can lead to disturbed body image. The 22-year-old patient had colitis, which is an inflammatory disease of mucosal layer of the colon and the proctolectomy that was carried out involved excision of the colon, anus, and rectum. The diagnosis of disturbed body image and assessment is important in planning how the disturbed body image will be addressed (Bolzoni, 2007).

The considerations that are involved in making decisions about priority of patient care include preventing irritation or ulceration from drainage. Secondly, the patient needs to be aware of the self care and ostomy care she should carry out, thirdly the patient needs to be educated on protecting her skin, know when to change the bag, watch her diet, and ensure she takes her medication. The fourth consideration is teaching the patient on the complications that should be reported and considering the lifestyle of a patient.

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 Bowels disorder
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The nurse would evaluate whether the priority decision for the situation was patient centered through checking if she is comfortable to discuss concerns about his sex life and other activities with the nurse. The nurse should be able to pay attention to the patient for both verbal and non-verbal cues after the procedure and compare them to before the procedure. Evaluating the patient’s mind and body is important so that the patient is taught


Bolzoni, M. (2007). Treating Body-Image Disturbances. Communications of the ACM, 40(8),


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