Building an App Farm for University Student

I will pay for the following article Building an App Farm for University Student. The work is to be 19 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. How mobile apps have been applied in entrepreneurship and its benefits to the entrepreneurs.

Mobile apps are software programs that one can download and use on their phones or any other devices that they have like the tablets etc. For one to use the mobile apps they need to have a smart phone, tablet, or another device that can be used to access the internet. But not all the mobile apps that are developed are able to be accessed on all the devices. every operating system has the applications that rhyme with it. Like the Android, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry mobile operating systems have their own app stores that can be found online where the apps can be downloaded and installed (Stark, 2010). There are also retailers that can be found online that offer the apps too. There are apps that are free but others aren’t free, for the case of those that are not free, one will need to provide a credit card number before they can download an app.

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Building an App Farm for University Student
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Some of the apps sell advertising space within the app. These ads enable the app developers to earn money through them so for them to get these advertisements they have to offer the app free so that they can reach as many users as possible.

Some will make the users free to buy some features within them, most of the time the bill for these features in the in-app purchases through the app store. Though some devices are enabled for users to block the in-app purchases.

There is a lot of data that apps can access, when you sign in to app stores, or download single apps, you may be asked for a permission to allow the app to get the information on the device you are using. Some apps can be used to access the phone and e-mail contacts, call logs, internet data, data about the device’s location, and the personal device’s identities. Some apps do not do a lot of functions but specifically base on a feature that they need to function to, while others are multipurpose. The users have to be keen with these apps because if information is provided using the device, there is someone that may be collecting them, it could be the feature developer, the app store, advertisers or an ad network, and if data is being collected then it is bound to be shared to other companies.

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